Pilates Studio Pro™

Think it and perform it. Imagine it and accomplish it.

Own Your Fitness.

Pilates Students.

Imagine a portable, minimalist, self-contained Pilates Studio that fits in a beautiful bag smaller than a man purse.  Space efficient. Pilates at home, at the office, on the road.

Pilates Professionals.

Offer an unlimited, open-ended variety of fitness exercises, injury rehab sequences and functional stabilization patterns for injury prevention…your clients will thank you!

Clever & Compact.

Pilates Studio Pro™ has a workout repertoire that is so limitlessly expansive. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Fits comfortably on any standard door or a car, a tree…get creative!

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What you get:

Small, Compact, Easy to Assemble & Space Efficient

  • 2 Adjustable Door Anchor Systems

  • 2 Static Door Anchors

  • 1 Bar

  • Flexsolate Cuffs

    •  1 Small Pair
    • 1 Medium Pair
    • 1 Large Pair
    • 1 Ankle Pair
  • 2 Purple Bands

  • 2 Green Bands

  • 2 Red Bands

  • 2 Black Bands

  • 1 Components Bag to Fit Supplies

Pilates Studio Pro™ Features


 Perfect for starting your home Pilates studio.


Resisted or assisted Pilates at home, office, or traveling.


 Practice at home and see compliance increase.


Skype a lesson with the instructor and the student, both on the same equipment.


Pilates Studio Pro™ is well suited for all types of physical therapy.


Our bands and components LAST, many still in use after 8 years.

Pilates Studio Pro™ in Action

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Take Your Pilates Studio ANYWHERE

Pilates Studio Pro™ Long Strap Anchor

The Outdoor Long Anchor Strap is a useful accessory item for those wishing to turn the outdoors into their Pilates Studio or gym. The strap goes around branches, smaller tree trunks, clotheslines, fence posts, automobile roof racks and more, to provide a solid static anchor for Pilates Studio Pro™ adaptation to the outdoors.

Pilates Studio Pro™ Offers

Video Workouts.

We provide you with free workouts to get started.

Affiliate Program.

Help your clients further their practice and add an extra revenue stream to your business.

Wholesale Program.

Join our wholesale family and spread the love.

Get Inspired

We share creative healthy tips & motivating workouts on our blog!