What is Digital Transformation?

Zero to 100 in the Digital Age.

All the disruptive industries have undergone a digital transformation. Digital transformation in simple terms is a strategy to transform your digital business and unlock hidden values. Cloud Transformation has gained an increased popularity in today's society as it calls for a change in mindset on how your company delivers products to customers. Speed is essential to grow organically and scaling efficiently for any organization. Many corporations have seen a 10X value by going to the cloud and introducing agile methodologies. Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud will allow your organization to scale on-demand and at many times help you save costs by calculating Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) vs. Return on Investment (ROI). Agile methodologies will transform your organization by helping speed up your development life-cycle.

Before you begin your transformation journey, we recommend reflecting back your organization's vision and understand key values of undergoing a digital transformation. Focus on customer pain points, development bottlenecks, operations, and compliance to help you get started. Following this basic framework will show the possibilities of unlocking hidden values and filling in gaps in your organization.


Unlock your organizations power by unleashing the power of Data. Learn how to solve the mysteries of "Big" Data in your organization.


Visualize your data. Use our platform to help see and understand your data. Explore the possibilities of Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics in your organization.


Security is in our DNA. Our platform was designed by keeping security as a crucial key to keep your organization and sensitive customer data secure. Follow our best practice on compliance and encryption recommendations.


Understand, Transform, & Visualize Your Data

Our Unity Platform is desiged to solve challenging data insights. Unlock your most valuable asset by understading your data by combining people + technology. Our unique approach will give you quick actionable insights. Data insights wil help you transform your organization to increase it's potential by making an impact throughout your business.


Scan, Visualize, & Assess Your Network

Our Introspect Platform will help you assess your network and increase your awareness inside the organization. Test againt your cyber infrastructure, collect vulnerability and access day zero protocol. Our unique approach will give you quick actionable insights. Assesment insights wil help you transform your organization by understanding vulnerabilities and operational procedures to help you protect your valuable assets of your business.


We established Angel Transformation to help organizations understand the power of transformations and unlock hidden values in their business. Today, we are using our industry experience to help you improve your organization and making a business impact. We are also actively supporting the open source community by contributing our projects.