Pro Mix Academy is a collective of professional producers and engineers who share their knowledge and experience to help you develop the skills you need to take your music to the next level.

Music Production with Phil Allen
Music Production:

Grammy winning engineer Phil Allen teaches you how to transform a rough vocal-guitar demo into a full blown radio-ready production: Recording, Arrangement, Finding Parts, Editing and more.

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Producing & Mixing at Echobar Studios with Bob Horn and Erik Reichers
Mixing In The Box:

Grammy winning engineer Phil Allen teaches you how to mix the Pop song “Of This I’m Sure” by Morgan Mallory in the box, using mainly stock plugins. Learn how to get better mixes with the gear you already own!


Mixing Motörhead with Cameron Webb
Mixing Motörhead with Cameron Webb:

Learn how Rock ’n’ Roll history was made: Grammy winning producer/ mixer Cameron Webb shows you how he mixed Motörhead’s latest release “Electricity”.

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Mixing in the Box with Warren Huart

Follow multi-platinum engineer, Warren Huart as he takes on the song ‘Love Me I’m Rich’ by independent artist, Amanda Hardy.

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Mixing Rock Vol. 1

Discover how professional mixers, Warren Huart and David Glenn take on the song ‘Young & Restless’ by indie rock band, The Gallery.

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Mixing Pop/Rock

Join multi-platinum mixers Bob Horn and Warren Huart as they take you over their shoulders for the song ‘Shoot You Down’ by the band, Little Empire.

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Producing & Mixing at Echobar Studios with Bob Horn and Erik Reichers
Producing & Mixing at Echo Bar Studios:

Follow producers/engineers Bob Horn (Timbaland, Usher, Nelly) and Erik Reichers (Bono, Snoop Dogg) as they transform a rough song idea into a full-blown production and mix it.



Follow professional engineers Bob Horn (Usher, Timbaland, Ne-Yo, Akon) and Erik Reichers (Bono, Snoop Dogg, Eric Benet) as they walk you through you their process of mixing the pop/rock song: “Nightfall” by Little Empire.

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Mixing Rock with Ulrich Wild

Ulrich Wild is one of Rock’s most in-demand mixers and he joins Pro Mix Academy to breakdown his process for the song ‘My Final Hour’ by Snakebite.

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Anatomy of a mix
With Brad Wood

Brad Wood (Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins and many more) is sharing his approach to mixing the modern pop song: “Hurricane” by Karey Laurel.

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Producing & Recording Drums with Matt Starr
Follow professional drummer Matt Starr as he takes you through his complete process of producing and recording drums in a real-life situation.

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Follow professional mixers Warren Huart and David Glenn as they take on the song ‘Back When We Were We’ by independent singer/songwriter, Pete Mroz.

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Guitarist – Aerosmith


Legendary Producer


Singer/Songwriter The Fray


"He's got an effortless way of drawing out the best in you, usually while you're not looking. Warren is my puzzle-maker. I just bring him all my busted songs & he puts me back together again. Warren makes the most serious art impossibly light and doable."
Isaac Slade
Singer/Songwriter The Fray
"He's hot shit, you know? Being a guitar player, he gets it. When you're talking about some of those things that are hard to put into words, he knows what you mean. Describing certain sounds, there's a common language that guitar players have..."
Joe Perry
Guitarist - Aerosmith
David Glenn is one of the most talented, if not the most talented record producers I have ever worked with. Not only is he lightning fast on Pro Tools, he is incredibly gifted in music creation as well.
Micah Beckwith
Glenn is a rare soul in the music industry. He understands an artist’s needs because he has an artist’s heart. Plus, it’s impossible to not have a good time when he’s around! I just adore that dude!
Aimee Allen
Grammy Winning Singer/Songwriter
David, your work is absolutely brilliant! Very well explained and thought out. I’ve seen tons of tutorials and to me, your teachings are the best that I’ve seen. Absolute winner!
Joey Fernandez