Writing Keeda: A Pandemonium

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go”  –  E.L. Doctorow

                   Writing Keeda: A Pandemonium

                                                    My Pandemonium                                      

Welcome to Writing Keeda. Everybody needs to start somewhere. This is my start. Writing Keeda comes with a tagline : A Pandemonium, meaning confusion. You would think, writing-keeda? thats a weird name, i know right! Its quirky and downright not an elegant name to start with, neither is this blog. Nothing in this Blog would be elegant. This Blog is crude, untamed. No particular direction to go towards( The Subramanium Swamy of Blogs!) 😀

This Blog is my beginning and Writing Keeda is the stepping stone. We learn as we grow and thats my motive too. Stepping into blogging without any head direction is probably foolish, but hey, what makes sense in this world anyway ( P.S- Donald Trump as THE PRESIDENT, come on).

Learning the fancy rules of blogging along with writing what comes to my mind, a hot cup of coffee and my laptop.  Decent evening, eh?

 “Start Writing. No Matter What, The Water Does Not Flow Until The Faucet is On”

Louis L’ Amour

Inspiration should be taken from every nook and corner you get, even an ant is inspirational, if  we understand the meaning of life.

You are welcome to indulge and be a part of this pandemonium, sharing your thoughts would be appreciated anyday!


Signing Out- Sakshi Goel.