23 from chongqing on district party committee propaganda department, the 2nd national intelligent manufacturing innovation entrepreneurship competition division finals on the evening of 22 in the ocean.Innovation and entrepreneurship two groups the top three of a total of six projects, will enter the finals in Beijing, on behalf of the southwest region and the national innovative entrepreneurial superior athletic contest.According to introducing, this contest by the ministry of industry and info

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    Economical CNC lathe considerations in the selection of which of several? Cheap CNC lathe precautions in the selection of which of several? China Machine Tool Business Network Tracy: Economical CNC lathe considerations in the selection of a total of five, the following small series to explain: 1, economic type CNC lathes preparatory process requirements to determine the typical parts, batch processing of the workpiece, develop CNC lathes should have the function of good preparation, a reasonable

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    The enterprise crosses a boundary those the name falls all over the sky

    Some enterprises, because of them advocate course of study and famed world, for instance SamSung group, everybody knows SamSung is enterprise of a mobile phone, but bright however somebody knows SamSung is the group of the industry that cross a state with the biggest Korea, business involves a lot of trade such as electron, finance, aviation, chemistry, connect SamSung of industry of heavy industry, machine tool somewhat sortie. So, we come today check depending on so like SamSung advocate cours

  • China lead the new era of CNC lathes @ Machine Tools trends o

    China lead the new era of CNCnbsp;lathesjc35 REVIEW: With the international and domestic economic development,nbsp;CNC lathesnbsp;more deeply concerned about the economy, while China's high-speed CNC lathes industry is in a leading position.nbsp; At present, many domestic manufacturers to produce various types of high-end machining centers, CNC lathes industry will become the fastest growing types of products, the largest proportion of a class of products, it is directly related to the constructi


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The distance is released transition of Shanghai manufacturing industry upgrades 935 plan (next weighing

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On May 17, during be worth world telecommunication and information day, congress of modes of life and relation to their environment of industry of network

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General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of mechanical press product quality recently organized a country selectives examin

Published on 2018-03-27
  • Press set safety standard requirements in Shanghai

    Yesterday, the mechanical press safety use requirements in Shanghai.National security supervision bureau of policy and law department director Chen guang said, the safety requirements as a national mandatory standards, was launched in April this year.All enterprises must to press is equipped with safety protection device and emergency braking device, avoid the improper operation, such as to have been hedge finger work safety accidents. , he said, the introduction of the mechanical press safety r

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    Dual planned to build the world's largest forging press, max

    Published: January 10, 2012 Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the second China Heavy Machinery Corporation (hereinafter referred to as double) feasibility study of large forging presses construction projects, large forging presses maximum pressure project is planned to build up to 80,000 tons, It is currently the world's largest forging press, more than the previous world's largest forging press in Russia 75,000 tons. Large forging presses are mainly used aluminum

  • Open Day focusing new generation Haas ST Series CNC lathes @ Presses,

    China Business Network] [Machine Introduction: the United States Haas CNC Machinery Company (HAAS) located in China, more than HFO Exhibition Center and Shanghai Waigaoqiao held Chinese customer open day activities. The Open Day, focused on the introduction of a new generation of Haas ST series Haas CNC lathes. Recently, following in April this year at the US Open held HaasTec headquarters in the future, the United States Haas CNC Machinery Company (HAAS) located in China, more than HFO Exhibiti


In June 2014 5 ~ 6 days, group of 2 machine tools assumes Jinan machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment national

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